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Orange Light

Friday 3rd December will be our first day opening in the new traffic light system.

We are moving into orange, which we can only allow people into the salon who have a vaccine pass. I know some of our clients won’t be getting one, so as much as we don’t want to discriminate against anyone, we are being forced to do this. If we don’t comply, we can either close or face getting a $15,000 fine. I’m really gutted to see that we’ve already lost a few great clients because of this.

Anyone that is coming in from Friday onwards, we will have to check your vaccine pass when you arrive. Under 12’s don’t need a pass and are welcome in.

Mask use is encouraged by the government but not mandatory.

We hope that we’ll be able to welcome everyone back at some stage. But as much as it saddens me, this is what we have to do to stay in business at this point in time.

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