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This intense healing treatment helps reduce temporary hair loss & thinning hair. Rejuvenator Technology penetrates the scalp cells, ensuring that liposomes gradually transfer Essential Minerals, Biotin and hair growth stimulants like Takanal and Caffeine.

  • Essential Mineral Complex
  • Rejuvenator Technology
  • Hair is strengthened
  • Cell metabolism stimulates hair growth
  • Scalp circulation is stimulated for extended growth phase
  • For best results use with Care Derma Activate Shampoo
  • Dermatologically Approved

Suitable for

Delicate, fine and dull hair.



Get thick. A supercharged healing treatment for thinning hair and temporary hair loss. Liposomes deliver essential minerals, biotin and hair growth stimulants like takanal and caffeine directly to the scalp’s skin cells, where they work to stimulate hair growth and prolong the growth phase. Use on a regular basis to help prevent hair loss, delay chronic hair loss and to rejuvenate hair and scalp.

How to use

For preventative use: 1-2x a week
For intensive use: 3-4x a week for 11 weeks
For maintenance use: 2-3x a week
After shampoo & conditioner, towel dry and apply lotion to scalp.
Massage gently into scalp.
Do not rinse.
For best results use with Care Derma Activating Shampoo.


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