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This rejuvenating shampoo is best suited to those with sensitive scalps and fine, thinning hair. Essential Minerals in combination with Vitamin H prevent the early stages of hair loss.

Essential Mineral Complex
Rejuvenator Technology
Hair is strengthened
Hair fall is reduce
Hair growth is stimulated
Dermatologically approved

Suitable for

Delicate, fine and dull hair.



Hair, rejuvenated. In many cases, hair loss can be prevented by using products that stimulate the scalp’s metabolism. That’s what Derma Activate Shampoo does for you. Vitamin H improves the quality of the keratin inside your hair, which are like building blocks. Stronger keratin means stronger hair that’s less likely to fall out. Keep using Derma Activate Shampoo and with time, your hair will be thicker, more voluminous and your scalp will function better.

  • Essential Mineral Complex – Silicium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium & Zinc
  • 5 naturally sourced minerals working together to treat the hair & nourish the scalp

Rejuvenator Technology

  • Vitamin H improves keratin for stronger hair & less hair fall
  • Provitamin B5 regulates moisture balance
  • Proteins to add body and volume


For best results use with Care Derma Activate Lotion

  • Apply and work through hair & scalp
  • Rinse thoroughly & repeat if necessary
  • Follow with conditioner suitable to hair needs.

Recommendations: avoid intense scalp massage


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